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Shenzhen Xingu Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd is a professional motot commutator productive enterprise,being located at Zhuangcun Rd,No.2Industrial Park,Shajinxin¡¯er of employees among which there¡¯re 100 of main technicians and administrative personnel.Its leading products are the commutators with several hundreds of spec like hook,groove,and other types.The monthly production capacity is above 8 million pieces .The products are widely used for electromotive tools ,electric appliances,automobile and motorcycle motors,and other direct current motors.

The company pays much attention to quality control of product,development of new product,process innovation ,and equipment improvement .The company has been investing a large amoun on buying advanced quality test equipment and is trusted by customers.

¡°Administration promotes benefit¡± is our consistent faith.The company makes efforts on setting up and perfecting various administrative systems to serve its operation .It has set up the quality administrative system based on IS9001-2000standard,and passed the IS9001-2000 certification at Tianjin Great Wall Quality System Review center in 2004.
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